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Sunday, January 27, 2013

End of Semester Student Feedback


I made it!  I made it to the end of the semester in one piece.  I can't believe I actually flipped an entire course for an entire semester.  I believe I made a total of 50 videos.  Wow!!!

In my last post, I promised to survey my students and post the feedback here.  On exam day, I asked each and every student to complete my on-line survey before they left.  I almost got 39/40 students to actually do it.  That is an 86% response rate. (I could do better next time....).  Anyhow, I was pretty surprised to read their comments and see the results.  The following results show exactly what the students had to say.

Also, there were some open ended questions in the survey.   Please find those responses here.  This data not been altered in any way.  I have not deleted or changed any responses.

The Best part about the Flipped class was......

"We did our homework in class and by doing this we could get help if we needed it.
We were able to get more help in class and we had less homework.
Where you could go and watch the videos as much as you want until you start to understand it.
that it was an easier way of learning and it was easier to understand.
I can review the lessan as many times I want which is very helpful for the preparation of the test summative or yeoxaumcan go and see the lesson on video again to study for a test
I got to review the lessons when I needed to.
everything is layed in parts and its straight to the point in the videos.
being able to review things easily by watching a video
i can study at home and ask questons in school
I could watch the videos over and over if I did not understand. Also before my summatives and exams i
rewatched a lot  of the videos too study and review.
The videos/lessons were online at all times so if i didnt get anything i could always go back and rewatch the dleosisnognt.he homework in class
time saving in class
re watching the videos
I already knows what i'm going to do the next class. And therefore it's not kind of new thing to me when i'm
in class and have  to do homework
Making my own time to watch the different lessons.
we always have time to discuss our problems with the group and with the teacher.
No homework. Learn at own pace
That you could go back and watch a lesson if you didnt understand it the first time
that we did our homework in calssw so if we did not understand anything we could ask the teacher
You can watch the video over and over.
you were able to pause and rewatch videos at your own pace
doing the homework at school and not at home.
The best part was that you could rewatch as many times as you like if you didn't understand something.
we got to do the work in class and got teacher's help.
Barely any homework
Homework in class
Being able to do the homework in class so you could get the teachers help if you had questions
Being able to rewatch parts of the video to understand the lessons better.
it was easy to learn and seeing it visually really helped me. It was a awesome tool for my tests and showed meexactly how to get ready for my tests. This will now prepare me for my exam! I LOVE THE FLIPPED Convienent and easy to understand and work with you can go at your own pace and rewatch to clarify on topics you didnt understand. it
 is better becuase it's less homework first off and you're being able to look at your lessons before tests and exams
I was able to rewind and watch video's days later. I also like that I can rewatch video's to prepare me for my
exaams "

The Flipped class would be better if.......
"The videos were shorter.
If the videos weren't as long aa they were.
If they all were a little shorter in time.
the possibility of doing homework can also be available because its sometimes hard to complete the entire amount of work in class. if there is possiblility 
 of doing it at home can be available it'll be wonderful.
We did more of the harder lessons in class.
we did more inclass review work from the video.
a search function was added to ANGEL in order to locate topics quicker
If the teachers and students can communicate each other more
I think the flipped classroom is great but if all the videos were all 5-­‐8 minutes in lenght it would be better.
the videos were shorter
Not sure it was pretty good. I likes how we got help during class. Maybe in the videos if you bolded things that were important and we would know what to write down.  And also in the videos write in a colour that you could see better?
shorter videos
The videos were 1-­‐2 minutes shorter

The Videos weren't so long and were divided more.
the longer chapters would be broken down into many days because it confuses everyone. I dont know
The videos were shorter
it was perfect nothing was to be changed

we discussed what we learned the following day after every lesson everyone watches the videos.
nore teachers do it.
It would be better if we had less long videos.

Shorter videos!
The lesson wasn't taught again in class
The videos were shorter
We took more time reviewing the work and going over difficult parts in more detail.
the sound was a bit louder sometimes it was hard to hear even when I had the speaker on full volume. video sepereated into shorter time lengths
Nothing really comes to my mind that isn't good about flipped class just when internet is down or there a technical difficulty

 was nothing bad about it
everyone watched the videos so we didn't have to wait for them
I thought it was fine the way it is.
They weren't so long"

The worst part about the flipped class was.....
"The videos were too long.
I found it harder to focus on the video than I usually did when a teacher is explaining in class
Well some of the videos were long and got harder to pay attention to.
sometimes its hard to complete the entire homework in the class period.
watching the long videos
That if you don't watch the video you won't know what you were doing.
Forgetting to watch a video.
it was boring to sit down and watch a 10 minute video however I still believe it is better than doing homework flipped class is not for every class. EXAMPLE MATH! It's hard to undertand and communicate with a comptuer Sometimes the videos were to long and i would get side tracked since signing in angel is on the internet. forgetting to watch a video because its hard to understand in class the next day
I can't think of anything too horrible about it. It was fun. (:
i dont know
homework :(

I cant think of anything
Nothing To Report.
when my group mates are not in the mood to do anything and in turn do not help me with my work. SOmetimes I just write the note without understanding what the video is actually saying
For me there was nothing that i would consider the worst part
Long videos
sometimes you still wouldn't understand a concept because you are unable to ask questions right then and there

The worst part was when the we had to watch a lot of long videos in a row because sometimes you have a hard time paying attention half way through  

Making longer videos into two videos it would be better.
I didnt think there was a bad part
Wasn't able to watch the videos sometime
Some days I didn't have internet or I was unable to watch the videos through my computer.
nothing. I truly enjoyed this experience and I wish my future classes are all like this! I would like to thank you ms.fitzee for introducing me to such a new concept of learning! it was honestly a wonderful experience being in Glitches or no internet available but that's not really flipped class's fault so overall there arn't any issues!
Not having enough textbooks
trying to learn at home you get lazy and want to sleep and not watch it.
Was if you missed a video you would be behind. But since Central has wifi that should not be a problem
sometimes it take longer to watch than do do actual homework "

Where to now?

This semester I will be flipping two classes.  Gr 11 and Gr 12 Accounting.  Gr 11 will be the second time around and I plan on making some improvements to the videos and the flow of the class and the use of ANGEL for student collaboration.  Gr12 will be the first time and I still have a lot of videos to make - That will be my focus for that class.  The nice thing about this class is, I will have a few of my 11's from this past semester joining us... and they already know the flow of the flip.  They can help the other students out.  I also will be teaching Gr 11 Marketing and I will be doing a combination of more inquiry based learning, flipping and use of Blended E-Learning through my ANGEL class site.

Cheers and stay tuned for more!