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Friday, September 7, 2012

Week one update

GR 11 Flipped Accounting:

Week one was Great. Great students and a great first week of flipping. I spent a great deal of time modeling how the videos should be watched using the CP POWER and TaSQ approaches and we watched two accounting videos in class. One was assigned for homework. Out of the 42 students, 5 did not watch the videos. (I trust them based on their notes and the fact that there were 60 views in YOUTUBE - and only 42 kids!! Some watched twice)I'm pretty happy with that- provided it doesn't get worse.

I am still unclear about how I want to handle those student who did not watch the videos. I sent one to the lab to watch it and the rest were told that we were moving on and now they had extra work to do.

I'm wondering if a little quiz at the beginning of class will be helpful to get them more serious. But I have to think about that more. Comments? The other option would be to get them to ask questions in our on-line classroom environment after watching the video and get them engaged in on- line collaboration. This might be good for some quiet kids.

The other issue is.... Not everyone is bringing ear buds (headphones). Our labs require them in order to hear. I do not want to get in the habit of showing the videos in class, although if I do, there will be no pausing therefore taking notes will prove to be difficult, not to mention everyone will be talking around them.

GR 9 Business:

This class was also great... I've been struggling with the ANGEL ( my classroom website). My learning curve has been fine, but I underestimated timing on a few things with students on their ANGEL learning curve. Not to mention, a few other hiccups with student sign ons, etc.

I figure all this time upfront will pay off.

Also, I've discussed with them ways that I'm going to get them engaged and how I want their input on projects and assessment. Already, I'm thinking a twitter session vs. a traditional stand up presentation will make them happy.

Each student will have a lot of say in this course on topics etc. In the past, I would use a Business Proposal assignment, however, this year I'm going to get them to design the project and the assessment in collaboration with one another. We will do it how they want.

Other Stuff:
Also we are planning for our presentation at this year's ECOO conference and making our project plan for our TEDxpeelvilliageEd. conference for the spring.

Lots to do and lots to update on.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 1

Today was Day 1 of school!!! Our classes were short and sweet (due to some grade 9 orientation activities)! I had a good chance to introduce flipping to my 2nd Period Gr 11 Accounting Class (1st period was full of homeroom admin stuff - blah). 

I mentioned to the period 2 class that they were my guinea pigs and that we would be getting a lot of attention this year because we are "flipping" the whole course.

Not one student in my class had ever heard of "flipping".  So I spent some time talking about it and getting their feedback.  They all thought it was very exciting, I think, because they think it will be "less" work at home (which we all know is not true). Tomorrow, I will model how I want them to "actively" watch the video using the CP POWER Video (that Mrs. Matei and I made at the end of the year last year) as a guideline.  To view video click here.

All of the students seemed excited and therefore, I was excited.