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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Travelling Road Show

This year has been a very busy one for my colleagues and I.  The flipped classroom has created a lot of buzz in our board and several of us have been busy sharing our learnings around. Also, our 21st Century Approach to Teaching and Learning at Central Peel is a sought after story that we have been sharing.    I promised at every presentation that I would share my slides and links on my blog.  So here they are:

 Recently, I have shared my story about the flipped classroom at this years OBEA (Ontario Business Educators Association) Conference, as well as, this past months PBEA (Peel Business Educators Association) Meeting. 

This past thursday, my Principal and I were honoured to speak at our Peel Secondary School Vice Principals Conference (PSSVPA) about Central Peel's journey and give our advice to the VP's on how they can start a 21st "buzz" in their schools.
For your viewing pleasure, here are the slides that we used:

There was a commercial that I used that several people asked me for the link too as well.

It's a good one: Really?

Cheers, until next time!